A range of Napoleonic wargame figures designed to be compatible with Hinton Hunt figures - (22mm from bottom of foot to eye level)
Commissioned by Ron Marshall for personal use and as a labour of love although made available to others at near cost price to help defray costs of the limited runs.
Designed and sculptured by Andy Stadden (son of the renowned Charles Stadden)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Austrian Cuirassiers in Stock

Cuirassiers are now in stock and can be ordered - see 'Cuirrasiers' page on the left

Pictures by Jay Stribling

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Austrian Marching Masters go to the Caster

I have received some (not very good quality pictures) of some of the Masters for the Austrian Marching figures.
I have added Photo-Shopped images also to try and show more detail.
Needless to state that the actual masters are of the same excellent quality produced by Andy Stadden as a norm.
All of the masters are now completed and will now be sent to the Caster for moulding.
These figures all come with separate muskets for user assembly.
The reason is that I have found with lots of other figures that eventually as moulds deteriorate the musket 'joins' the head.
Consequently some of the figures must have there arms slightly bent into position after the musket is attached.
This also allows some degree of customization.

AN01, AN31, AN61 and AN151 - Front

Drastic Photo-Shopped

AN01, AN31, AN61 and AN151 - Left

Drastic Photo-Shopped

AN01, AN31, AN61 and AN151 - Rear

Drastic Photo-Shopped

AN01, AN31, AN61 and AN151 - Right

Drastic Photo-Shopped

There are 6 marching figures total which are:-
AN01 German Fusilier in Helmet
AN91 Hungarian Fusilier in Helmet
AN31 German Fusilier in Shako
AN121 Hungarian Fusilier in Shako
AN61 German Grenadier
AN151 Hungarian Grenadier

Hopefully they will be ready soon!

The Cuirassiers are Ready!

The Austrian Cuirassiers have at last been moulded and cast and the first batch are on the way to me now - as soon as I receive them I will add a price and purchase details page on the blog.

I had some sent direct to Jack Hixon who financed these figures and he says they are gorgeous!

Thanks again Jack!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Final Version of Cuirassiers sent to Caster

Trooper sword on shoulder and Trooper charging

Officer, Trumpeter and Standard Bearer

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Hinton Compatible Austrian Cuirassier Prototypes

From left to right: Trooper Sword on Shoulder, Trooper Charging, Officer, Trumpeter, and Standard Bearer

These 5 figures have been especially commissioned and paid for in their entirety by Jack Hixon. I am extremely pleased and grateful to Jack for this generous funding and I hope many of you will take advantage of this since they will be available as part of this range to all - exactly as the other figures.

These are the prototypes and may change slightly (please ignore the rough cast horses used to show the figures mounted by the sculptor - Andy Stadden).

They will be available as soon as we get the final masters and then moulds made - they will be the same price as the mounted officer figures.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Nationality Next?

I am seeking ideas and preferences on nationalities or figures to plan for next

Anybody interested in French Light & Line same figures as HH - possibly slight mods from original figures only?

Or some pre-1812 uniform French Line and Light - long tailed coat, Shakos with cords and plumes - long black gaiters?

French Line Foot and Horse Artillery - again only slight mods?

Bavarians, Saxons, Poles or Wurtemburgers anyone?

Or what?

Friday, July 9, 2010

All Troops and Command figures for the Advancing Shako'd and Grenadiers now in stock

At last I have received stock of the remaining Advancing Austrians in Shako and Grenadiers (both German and Hungarian types) including the Command figures. The caster was heavily backed up and so I have been impatiently awaiting this delivery.

This completes the plan for the Advancing series of Line troops in Helmets, Shako's and the Grenadiers.

See previous blogs for the pictures until I can update the individual pictures on the respective pages. (my main computer system is currently being repaired after receiving a jolt from a thunder storm here! - which is causing the delay).

Prices remain the same as for previous figures - although some price increases have been published by the caster.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Pose Should A Skirmisher Have?

What's the best or most optimum pose to utilize for a skirmisher (Jager)?

Marching, Advancing, Running, Firing or Kneeling Firing/Loading.

I have to make a decision soon on which pose to chose - so I welcome opinions/input.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Figures Posted on Ebay

If you subscribe to Ebay you may have noticed that I have started to post Hinton Compatriots on there. You may have also noticed I have increased the price slightly there to compensate for the Ebay Fees.

I do not mind where the figures are bought from - on Ebay or from here.

If this does generate some more sales then it will help to move on to other figures sooner.

Also the masters for the final 16 advancing figures in the range have now been completed and I have ordered the runs for these figures - which should therefore be here soon.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hinton Compatriots - Mounted Officers Now Available

All the Mounted Infantry Officers and Generals as well as all the Horses are now available.

The price for a the mounted figure with horse of choice is £2.25/US$3.40

Again the price reflects the high cost of production for a limited number of figures.

Even at those prices I have to sell 250 of each to break even - and I don't think I will sell that many of any one!

The quality of the finished figures is not given justice from the photo's and I am sure you will not find a better quality figure in any range.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hinton Compatriots - Repost images of Shako and Grenadier figures that got lost during move to new blog

(Left to right columns)
AN75 German Grenadier Drummer - Advancing
AN48 German Pioneer in Shako - Advancing
AN52 German Officer in Shako - Advancing
AN57 German Ensign in Shako - Advancing

(Left to right columns)
AN165 Hungarian Grenadier Drummer - Advancing
AN139 Hungarian Pioneer in Shako - Advancing
AN142 Hungarian Officer in Shako - Advancing
AN147 Hungarian Ensign in Shako - Advancing

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hinton Compatriots - Austrian Casualties & Spare Parts

1. Backpack and Barrel
2. Sword, Sabre, Officers Shako & Bicorne
3. Helmet, Shako. Jager's Hat & Grenadiers Cap
4. Casualty prone and Casualty sitting - both hat-less

In the pipeline and ready to go to the casters with the Drum and the Musket shown in earlier post. I'll probably add the headless figure together with heads I have already had made to these items and make up a couple of pack sets

Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to the new Hinton Compatriots Blog

I decided to move all the Hinton Compatriots posts to this new dedicated blog and and at the same time to regain control of Lazylimeys Wargaming Place for more general posts.

I will also eventually link from here to a web page that will show all the figures and allow ordering - this make take a while though! so meanwhile still order via email link on Pricing Page (click on the left).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hinton Compatriots - Response to queries and thoughts on 'personality figures'

As you know this is more a labour of love than a business and so I am funding almost all this project myself - the number of folks actually buying figures would not justify the costs in a normal business case. I also have not cut corners on the sculpting - Andy Stadden is one of the finest figure sculptors around and the casters are noted for quality castings and the metal they use is of the highest standard.

I received a comment from Jay regarding the possibility of producing a few 'personality figures' - this was a good question and something I had been pondering already so I decided to take the answer to the blog and maybe also get some input.

Despite the inherent costs I have indeed considered a few 'personality figures' - even though not many would actually be produced since by definition they are unique and therefore not many required. I therefore had to concentrate on the figures that would be required in larger numbers to justify the cost of the sculpting and the mould making processes.

The 'frock coat' or Oberrock clad officer was an early identified and desirable pose (ANC10 Field Marshall is wearing one) as was a drummer with shoulder slung drum.

The additional difficulty with the Austrians is the need to produce two types for each figure - Hungarian and German - add to that the need for Helmet, Shako and Grenadier types and you see that the moulds multiple quickly.

I have commissioned and have a master for a fusilier that has no head and a hole in its neck together with three separate heads for the above types. The objective was to produce a figure and make it available with the three separate heads which would alleviate the need for different moulds. An additional head without any hat would be a simple addition to these.

Andy did a great job on this but we both felt that the final cast figure might not be as precise as the masters and might cause some problems with fitting for the end user - the heads and spigots are after all quite small.

I also have masters for a drum and a musket for conversion of these figures (and others).

So you see that although I would very much like to produce some personality figures I am not sure I can justify them yet. The question is what do other folks think - what figures - besides an Officer with Oberrock and a Drummer with a shoulder slung drum and a bare headed Fusilier - would be nice to have.

What do folks think about figures with separate heads and how many folks would buy the 'personality figures' any if say they were in a pack of about four?
And finally would you be prepared to pay extra for them?

Besides this I have several conversions already of various Hinton/Clayton/DK figures and I am going to make masters of them for my own use - again I will make them available to others - but you must understand it's a grey area when you convert a figure to which you do not have rights to! However unless somebody steps forward after all these years and claims the rights to my converted figures then I will proceed.

Examples are:
French Line Horse artillery, Bavarian Drummer, Ensign and Pioneer, French Line Drummer with slung Drum, and other figures that are difficult or impossible to get etc.

I welcome, encourage and look forward to your comments!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hinton Compatriots - Balance of Austrian Shako and Grenadier Figures To Complete Advancing Series

Left Image:
AN45 - German Drummer in Shako
AN78 - German Grenadier Pioneer
AN82 - German Grenadier Officer
AN87 - German Grenadier Ensign with LiebStandarte

Right Image:
AN135 - Hungarian Drummer in Shako
AN169 - Hungarian Grenadier Pioneer
AN172 - Hungarian Grenadier Officer
AN177 - Hungarian Grenadier Ensign with LiebStandarte

As before the all standards are separate and may be substituted with your own staff and paper flags as is desired.

These fine Andy Stadden designed figures will be going to the caster shortly and I will be setting prices as soon as all costs are in.

With luck Artillery will be next!