A range of Napoleonic wargame figures designed to be compatible with Hinton Hunt figures - (22mm from bottom of foot to eye level)
Commissioned by Ron Marshall for personal use and as a labour of love although made available to others at near cost price to help defray costs of the limited runs.
Designed and sculptured by Andy Stadden (son of the renowned Charles Stadden)

Austria - Mounted Generals and Infantry Officers

(click on any image to see larger version)

ANC01 - German Infantry Colonel in Helmet on horse H01

ANC02 - Hungarian Infantry Colonel in Helmet on horse H07

ANC03 German Infantry Colonel in Shako on Horse - H01

ANC04 - Hungarian Infantry Colonel in Shako on Horse - H08

ANC05 - German Grenadier Colonel on Horse - H01

ANC06 - Hungarian Grenadier Colonel on Horse - H04

ANC07 - General on Horse - H02

ANC08 - General holding telescope on Horse - H01

ANC09 - Field Marshall on horse - H01

ANC10 - Field Marshall in Oberrock Coat on Horse - H06

ANC11 - German Aide Delivering dispatch on Horse - H07

ANC12 - Hungarian Aide holding dispatch on Horse - H01

Mounted figures are sold with the horse of your choice - £2.25 / US$3.40 (i.e. one rider and one horse)
Order by email for total price including shipping and insurance if required at cost. Please supply your address for shipping

Order from my Email address lazylimey@hotmail.com which is also at bottom left of this page - (Contact Me)

I accept PayPal payable to same email address lazylimey@hotmail.com

Pricing reflects the relatively short production runs and smaller market versus costs.

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