A range of Napoleonic wargame figures designed to be compatible with Hinton Hunt figures - (22mm from bottom of foot to eye level)
Commissioned by Ron Marshall for personal use and as a labour of love although made available to others at near cost price to help defray costs of the limited runs.
Designed and sculptured by Andy Stadden (son of the renowned Charles Stadden)

Friday, July 9, 2010

All Troops and Command figures for the Advancing Shako'd and Grenadiers now in stock

At last I have received stock of the remaining Advancing Austrians in Shako and Grenadiers (both German and Hungarian types) including the Command figures. The caster was heavily backed up and so I have been impatiently awaiting this delivery.

This completes the plan for the Advancing series of Line troops in Helmets, Shako's and the Grenadiers.

See previous blogs for the pictures until I can update the individual pictures on the respective pages. (my main computer system is currently being repaired after receiving a jolt from a thunder storm here! - which is causing the delay).

Prices remain the same as for previous figures - although some price increases have been published by the caster.

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