A range of Napoleonic wargame figures designed to be compatible with Hinton Hunt figures - (22mm from bottom of foot to eye level)
Commissioned by Ron Marshall for personal use and as a labour of love although made available to others at near cost price to help defray costs of the limited runs.
Designed and sculptured by Andy Stadden (son of the renowned Charles Stadden)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hinton Compatriots Range Now in Production

I am pleased - at last! - to announce the availability of the first in the HC (Hinton Compatriots) range of Hinton Hunt Compatibles figures - Designed and Sculpted by Andy Stadden.

The first in the series are Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry Musketeers in Helmets - Advancing.

First two series are German and Hungarian types. Each series consists of 2 Officer poses, Ensign, Drummer, 2 Pioneer poses, 1 NCO and 1 Private for a total of 8 figures for each series.

In sculpting right now 12 different Mounted Generals, Infantry Field Officers and ADC's

Next 2 series will be the Grenadiers in Fur Hat - German and Hungarian types - masters almost completed.

Shako Musketeers - Advancing - 2 series - German and Hungarian will follow those.

Based on how these series go I will contemplate a set of Marching figures also.

Jagers, all the Cavalry types and Artillery (including guns and limbers) will complete the Austrians.

Austrian Napoleonic Line Infantry - In Helmets - Advancing
Private Advancing High PortAN02AN92
NCO Advancing High PortAN12AN102
Drummer Advancing DrummingAN15AN105
Pioneer/Sapper Advancing Axe in HandsAN18AN108
Pioneer/Sapper Advancing Shouldered AxeAN19AN109
Officer Advancing PointingAN21AN111
Officer Advancing Waving SwordAN22AN112
Standard Bearer Advancing - Note: Standard is separateAN27AN117

Note: NCO's differ only in that they have a sabre and have heads turned slightly - so can easily be used in the line as variant other rank.

Sold in the following packs at USA$ 6.00 / £ 3.60 per pack:
Pack Contents   Pack#
(German) 4 Fusiliers AN02 and 1 NCO AN12ANP01
(German) 1 each of Officer AN21, Drummer AN15, Pioneer AN18, NCO AN12ANP02
(German) 1 each of Officer AN22, Standard Bearer AN27, Pioneer AN19, NCO AN12ANP03
(Hungarian) 4 Fusiliers AN92 and 1 NCO AN102ANP04
(Hungarian) 1 each of Officer AN111, Drummer AN105, Pioneer AN109, NCO AN102ANP05
(Hungarian) 1 each of Officer AN112, Standard Bearer AN117, Pioneer AN109, NCO AN102ANP06

Order by email for total price including shipping and insurance if required at cost. Please supply your address for shipping

Order from my Email address lazylimey@hotmail.com which is also at bottom left of this page - (Contact Me)

I accept PayPal payable to same email address lazylimey@hotmail.com?subject=Hinton Compatibles Order or bottom left of this page. (Contact Me)

Pricing reflects the relatively short production runs and smaller market versus costs.
I have had to change my original policy of allowing single figures and any mix to be ordered since I have received all sorts of lopsided orders - example 20 Pioneers! This was not contemplated and the molds were set up for a more balance production.

Cavalry/Mounted Figure pricing will be announced as soon as all costs are in.

See various figure images in previous posts.


  1. Hi , I need your Email address please as I cannot find the mail that you did send me about the new Austrians and I wannt to order a unit to see the 'fit'
    Roy Boss

  2. Hi I too would like your email address. The figures look great and I am keen to order some.

  3. Hi Peter

    Email address has been sent - it is also on this page - bottom left - 'Contact Me'



  4. Ron - for some reason I cannot read the envlope and I cannot seem to post an email to you. Can you go to the Minatures Page and check in the message board (napoleonics discussion) where I replied to your comment on 20mm Napopleonics. Me email address is in my reply to your posting.



  5. Hi Ron,

    I don't seem to be able to see a Contact Me item on this screen (or, in fact, any of your screens. There's an 'About Me' item but this does not provide an email address). So, would you mind sending your email address to clive.norman2@btinternet.com. I'd like to order a couple of battalions of your wonderful new figures.


  6. Clive,

    Sorry about that it seems an upgrade to something broke the gadget that was supplied for 'Contact Me' = I'll have to find a new one.

    Email: lazylimey@hotmail.com



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