A range of Napoleonic wargame figures designed to be compatible with Hinton Hunt figures - (22mm from bottom of foot to eye level)
Commissioned by Ron Marshall for personal use and as a labour of love although made available to others at near cost price to help defray costs of the limited runs.
Designed and sculptured by Andy Stadden (son of the renowned Charles Stadden)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New 'Hinton Compatriots' - Austrian Napoleonic Infantry in Helmets

I am pleased to show below the first figure masters of my new Hinton Hunt Compatible Napoleonic Range. The range has been named 'Hinton Compatriots' to signify the compatibility with that range.
The first set of six figures comprises: Fusilier, NCO, Drummer, Pioneer, Officer and Ensign of the Austrian (German Regts) in Helmets. The final flag carried by the Ensign will be engraved with the Austrian 1792 Ordinarstandarte.

The figures are designed and sculptured by A.C.Stadden and are the exact same scale as Hinton Hunt. See below comparison of new fusilier to Hinton Hunt Austrians:

My objective with the range is to make available to myself (and anybody else that is interested) a selection of figures of different nationalities that are Hinton compatible and help fill the many gaps that now exists since the Hinton Hunt range is now defunct and any available figures are scarce, poor quality and expensive.

The next series will be as above but Hungarian regiments in Helmets - Advancing to compliment the first series. The production plan includes Grenadiers, Jagers, Mounted Officers and Cavalry, Artillery Crew and Guns/Limbers. The Infantry will also be produced in a Charging, Marching and Firing series. I am also considering doing later infantry with shako's subject to demand to complete the Austrians.
Each series will include all the elements of the battalion as the first does.

Other nationalities are also being planned - Including British in Stovepipes and Early French. I am open to suggestions and requests however.

Anybody interested please contact me with requests, commitments, orders etc. I will be able to set pricing when all the bills are in! I should state that I do not wish this to be a full blown money making business and I am planning just to recover costs with pricing.
I also may only be offering in battalion sets at first since the molds will be set up that way.
I currently expect the first set of figures to be available in about 3 weeks.

Update new images received: Preproduction German Grenadier Advancing and Master for Ensign with engraved flag

In response to why not same base size as Hinton - Sculptor thinks (and I) agree the small square base restricts the pose animation and results in some unrealistic stances (Can you say oops - soiled breeches again!). Attempting to round off new base from square was unsightly - thus the base we use.
And yes that's an officer master for the 'shako' range being contemplated.


  1. Ron - fantastic. You have my full attention. I'm not about to start on an Austrian army at this stage of my life, but when you get to the stovepipe Brits I'll be there. Suggestion: eventually, how about some good Portuguese - especially some decent Cacadores and cavalry - to go with the Brits.

    This announcement of yours is something of a shock. Best of luck with the venture


  2. Very nice indeed. Andrew Stadden is a fine sculptor (must be genetic).

  3. His work is unmistakeable!!!


  4. Count me in for some Austrians mate. Vorwarts the whitecoats. The figures look to have just the right 'heft' to go with the original Hintons and look very nice designs.

  5. Marcus never made proper French Light infantry for 1809 or for 1812. Sure you can use Young Guard figures and there are those carabiniers in colpack. That only gives you an elite company though. So some nice 1809 and 1812 Light Infantry would be good.

    If you're doing those nice Austrians then some 1806 Russians for Austerlitz and Eylau would suit too.


  6. Hi Ron - I echo Roy's comments about early Russians but some Highland infantry would be useful for me as well. The figures look superb and I like Stadden's style (I've recently painted some of the ones he did for Matt). Just one thing (and this is nit picking I guess) - Is there any chance of having the figures produced with HH style square bases?


  7. These really look superb Ron. You are to be commended for your outstanding contributions to our hobby.


  8. This American would be interested definately. I have lots of HH French, Prussians, British and Russians, but very few Austrians. I would prefer March-attack, but I would buy Advancing.

    I don't need Grenadiers or Jaegers, just the line troops with command. I would use paper flags so would trim off the metal flag. Jay Stribling - Jackson MS - USA

  9. Hi Ron,
    I am very keen on getting my hands on your Austrians. I am kind of captured by the awesome battle of Wagram and for that, I need a lot of Austrians with helmets. I already have quite a few HH figures from the past, but think that your figures are quite an improvement. Please let me know how I can order and I will do so.
    May I suggest more poses for the infantry, like marching, standing at the ready, standing at ease etc.? The fighting poses of firing and loading are already taken care of by many (plastic) manufacturers in this scale, but little choice when it comes to the other poses.


  10. Hi Andre,

    Thanks for your interest.

    You may order from the list of figures available to date in the post above this one. You order by sending to my email address which is on this page on the left bottom (Contact me). I have recently adjusted ordering quantities and mix because I was getting too many lop sided orders!

    Yes Marching figures will be coming for this range - probably the fusilier and grenadier figures only - since the drummer, pioneer, ensign and officer could be used for the marching range. I may consider a marching officer also though.

    Best Regards,


  11. Hi Ron,
    I will order as soon as you have completed the masters of the mounted officers and the grenadiers. I am also eagerly awaiting the marching figures. Since the package has to be shipped to the Netherlands, it is more economical if I can order all of it in one go.
    Please keep me posted of your progress. Good luck with the work!


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